Your Password to Planet Argon

Arne Blankerts | The Online PHP Conference |

You have a website and want your users to be able to log in with a password. But how do you implement password storage and verification properly?

In this session you will learn how to effectively use the Argon family of algorithms, the Password Hashing Competition's current recommendation for hashing passwords, in your PHP code.

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About the Speaker

Arne Blankerts has already dealt with computers when networking was still an adventure. As long-standing head of development of an internet agency, he has created solutions far ahead of the times already years ago. As Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of The PHP Consulting Company (, Arne helps his clients to develop software successfully. He is author and maintainer of various Open Source development tools, and is a regular presenter at conferences. In his free time he reads fantasy novels and likes to cook.