The Serverless PHP Application

Rob Allen | The Online PHP Conference |

Serverless platforms are suited to a wide range of applications from IoT and chatbots through to microservices and web hooks. In this session, I’ll look at how serverless applications work and embrace cloud services to live in a world where there are many separate parts that make up the application. I'll cover the architectural patterns we use to design a serverless application including handling their stateless nature and leveraging event processing to trigger them. I will then turn my attention to showing how these are put into practice by looking at how they can be implemented in Apache OpenWhisk or AWS Lambda.

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About the speaker

Rob Allen is a software consultant and developer with many years experience in a variety of interesting languages. He's particularly interested in APIs and the ecosystem around them along and contributes to Apache OpenWhisk, rst2pdf, and Slim Framework along with other open source projects. Rob is a published author and based in the UK where he runs Nineteen Feet Limited, focussing on API development, training and consultancy. In his spare time, Rob blogs at and can often be seen with a camera in his hand.