Playing the Developer RPG

Sebastian Feldmann | The Online PHP Conference |

Leveling up developers isn’t as simple as collecting floating coins, jumping on turtles, swapping colored pieces of candy, or stacking bricks to make them disappear. But why even bother you ask? The answer is simple. Improving the skills of your developers means they can do better work in a shorter amount of time. Sounds too good to be true, right?

In this session, I will talk about concepts to train developers from Junior to Senior, and beyond.

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About the Speaker

Sebastian Feldmann lives in Munich and Cologne, supporting teams at CHECK24 developing software. He started programming with BASIC on the C64 and moved over Assembler and C to languages like PHP and JavaScript. With roughly 20 years of PHP experience, he specialized in enterprise web applications. He is passionate about automation, performance and maintainable code. Sebastian is an open source contributor and maintainer of the php backup utility phpbu and a git hook library called Captain Hook.