Live Coding: The PHPUnit Event System

Arne Blankerts and Andreas Möller | The Online PHP Conference |

First, there was the TestListener interface for extending PHPUnit. But it was abused, because it allowed more than just listening. Then came the TestHook interfaces, but they were inconvenient to use. Now PHPUnit 10 introduces a new event system for developing extensions, hoping to overcome the shortcomings of its predecessors.

In this live coding session, join Arne Blankerts and Andreas Möller, the two developers behind PHPUnit's new event system, and learn how easy it can be to extend PHP's popular test runner.

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About the Speakers

Arne Blankerts has already dealt with computers when networking was still an adventure. As long-standing head of development of an internet agency, he has created solutions far ahead of the times already years ago. As Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of The PHP Consulting Company (, Arne helps his clients to develop software successfully. He is author and maintainer of various Open Source development tools, and is a regular presenter at conferences. In his free time he reads fantasy novels and likes to cook.

Andreas Möller is a self-employed software engineer and a PHPUnit core developer.