Patterns for Event-Driven Systems

Stefan Priebsch | The Online PHP Conference |

The famous "Blue Book" on Domain-Driven Design describes design patterns that we all know and love (for example Entity, Value Object, Repository, and Factory). This talk introduces an extended pattern language for Domain-Driven Design, taking into account the importance of the "Domain Event" pattern, especially for event-driven systems and CQRS architectures. We not only focus on tactical design, but also look into how we can take advantage of events in strategic design and context mapping.

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About the Speaker

Even older digital watches would outperform Stefan Priebsch's first computer. He has been an IT consultant for over 20 years, holds an academic degree in computer science, is the author of several textbooks, and a university lecturer on professional web development. He presents and keynotes at technology conferences around the world. As Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of The PHP Consulting Company (, Stefan helps his clients to develop software successfully. He spends his free time playing electric guitar and researching agile home improvement.