Migrating to PHPUnit 10

Sebastian Bergmann | The Online PHP Conference |

The annual major release for PHPUnit drops support for old PHP versions and removes or changes existing functionality. In short: it breaks backward compatibility. While this is done with good reason and well-intentioned, it nevertheless means that you need to update existing test code needs so that it works with the new version before you can benefit from any improvements it may bring.

In this workshop, Sebastian Bergmann, the creator of PHPUnit, will show you using many practical examples how to get your tests ready for PHPUnit 10. You will not only learn how to make the necessary changes, but also get to understand the reason why PHPUnit no longer works the way it used to. Along the way you will learn a lesson (or two) about API design that Sebastian Bergmann had to learn the hard way while maintaining PHPUnit for two decades.

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About the Speaker

Sebastian Bergmann has believed in Open Source from day one. He has a university degree in computer science, and has created the industry-leading testing tool PHPUnit, which has played a vital role in professionalizing software development with PHP. He shares his comprehensive experiences in publications and at conferences. As Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of The PHP Consulting Company (thePHP.cc), Sebastian helps his clients to develop software successfully. In his free time, he works on PHPUnit, likes board games, and really enjoys making fancy ice cream.